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Digital Images Poster SXL

The image above is linked to a 1500 x 1298 version of the SXL (3910 x 3384) composite poster.
There is also a XXL version (4958 x 4569) with a wider angle view of the Great Egret Flip image.

Top Row (left to right):

Bald Eagle, Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska
(Alaskan Wildlife and Raptors Wildlife Study sections)

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear, Male at Sunset, Silver Salmon Creek
(Alaskan Wildlife and Bears Wildlife Study sections)

Great Egret Flip, Bunche Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida
(Florida Wildlife and Egret and Heron Wildlife Study sections)

Bottom Row (left to right):

Chiesa del Gesu, Main Altar and Apse Vault Fresco (Gaulli)
(Rome Scenic section, Gesu/Carcere page)

Cly Butte and Northern Buttes, Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona border
(Southwest Scenic section, Indian Lands and Anasazi Sites, Monument Valley)

Kamakura Daibutsu, Kotoku-in Temple, Kamakura, Japan
(Japan Scenic section, Temples, Kamakura 1 page)


Japan Special Select XXXL
1714 x 1200 version (710 KB)

12 Selected images from Japan, XXXL (11015 x 7713), 57 MB.

Framed with the Shinkyo and Tozai Kairo panels, this composite displays:

        Top Row:          Todaiji Daibutsuden; Nara Daibutsu; Sumiyoshi Taisha Taiko Bashi Bridge;
                                  Heian Jingu Shrine Soryu-ro (Blue Dragon Tower);

        Center Row:    Geisha (Gion, Kyoto); Izumo no Okuni (Gion, Kyoto);
                                  Zochoten (Toji Kodo); Agyoh Horyuji Chumon;

      Bottom Row:   Kenchoji Butsuden and Hatto; Kotoku-in Kamakura Daibutsu; Sanjusangendo
                               (Kinnara and Senju-Kannons); Himeji Castle Tenshu, Inui and Nishi Shotenshu

(from the Japan Scenic section)

Below are a number of sample images with links to the source pages.


Lioness X8501 M
1424 x 1780
(no watermark — personal use only)

San Diego Wild Animal Park


Lion HS7167 LG
Click the image above for a 1632 x 2040
free sample of the image quality you can expect.

(images that you purchase do not have the watermark)

San Diego Wild Animal Park


Lorikeet X5782 M
1200 x 1500
(no watermark — personal use only)

Click here to visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park section.


Spitting Fish X7591

A low angle closeup of the fountain in front of Burbank City Hall.

(from the Scenic Potpourri page in the Assorted Scenic section)


Bald Eagle X3895 M

While there are a few places where Bald Eagles are used to people and can often be
seen up close at eye level, in the wild they are more often seen perched high in trees.

(from the Alaskan Eagles page in the Raptors Wildlife Study section)


Snowy Egret Hunting X5456

A Snowy Egret hovers over the water in an absolutely spectacular foraging technique.

(from the Snowy Egrets page in the Egrets and Herons Wildlife Study section)

More of this hunting sequence can be seen in the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge section.


Sandhill Crane Morning Flyout HS0725

A Sandhill Crane in flight to the fields on a brutally cold January morning at Bosque del Apache.
If you look closely, you can see the ring of ice left on his leg after breaking free from the frozen pond.

(from the Takeoffs page in the Sandhill Cranes Wildlife Study section)


Bosque del Apache Dawn Flyout 2232

A cloud of Snow Geese fly over a flock placidly swimming on the main pond along with Sandhill Cranes
and ducks, as the first light of sunrise paints the sky on a thinly overcast morning at Bosque del Apache.

(from the Snow Geese: Flyout & Fly-in page in the Ducks and Geese Wildlife Study section)


Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear XL

A 1500 x 1025 version of the XL Composite (3205 x 2125)
showing a Golden Female and a 1200 pound Boar at sunset

(from the Brown Bear Overview Index page in the Bears Wildlife Study section)


Elk Feeding Cow Madison Meadow 1301

A bull elk carries a succulent mouthful of grass to a favored cow in his harem at sunrise.
The female elk assumes the posture of a juvenile asking for food as the bull elk approaches.

(from the Miscellaneous Elk page in the Elk Wildlife Study section)


Pronghorn Blacktail Plateau 0470


Pronghorn Females Blacktail Plateau 0463

300mm extreme telephoto closeups of male and female Pronghorns at the
end of a close approach on the Blacktail Plateau in Yellowstone National Park.

(from the Pronghorn 1 page in the Pronghorn Wildlife Study section)


Coyote Trickster 2522 M

A coyote adopts his Trickster pose in the late morning at Bosque del Apache.

(from the Coyotes of Bosque del Apache page in the Coyote Wildlife Study section)


Sandhill Cranes at Sunset X1274 16x9

Sandhill Cranes at sunset, on the main pond at Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge.

(from the Bosque Scenics page in the Bosque del Apache Wildlife section)


Horned Puffin with Fish HS2680 M

A Horned Puffin flies back to Duck Island with a fish mustache at mid-day.

(from the Puffins page in the Alaskan Wildlife section)


Bison Roadblock Lamar Valley 6008

A 300mm telephoto closeup of male bison blocking the Grand Loop Road in the Lamar Valley in late April.

(from the Bison 1 page in the Yellowstone National Park section)


Old Faithful Eruption 0540 M

Old Faithful bursts into life on a day with enough wind to blow the steam
away from the erupting water, allowing for more attractive photographs.

(from the Old Faithful page in the Yellowstone National Park section)


Coot Babies: Juvenile Curiosity 4407

(from the Coots and Grebes page in the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge section)


Elegant Tern with Spitting Fish HS5471

A fish spits water as a juvenile Elegant Tern carries it away just after the catch.

(from the Terns page in the Bolsa Chica Wildlife section)


Kamakura Daibutsu 0864

Located at the Kotoku-in Temple in Kamakura, the Kamakura Daibutsu is a 45 foot, 93 ton
bronze statue of Amida Nyorai which stands in the open air, facing towards the western sea.

(from the Temples subsection, Kamakura 1 page, in the Japan Scenic section)


Himeji Castle 0401
1500 x 1092 (495 KB)

The prototypical Japanese Castle, Himeji-jo contains many of the defensive features and architecture associated
with Japanese castles (originally developed by Oda Nobunaga for Azuchi Castle in the late 16th c.). Approaches are
a spiraling maze of paths, protected by reinforced corridors with gun and arrow slits leading to 84 iron-reinforced gates.

(from the Castles subsection, Himeji Castle page, in the Japan Scenic section)


Badia Fiorentina Bargello 4163

Badia Fiorentina and the Bargello from street level at sunset, seen from the
Piazza San Firenze, in front of the Baroque church of San Filippo Neri (right).

(from the Scenery page in the Florence Scenic section)


Birth of Venus Vasari Gherardi 5439

Giorgio Vasari and Cristofano Gherardi painted the fresco of the Birth of Venus as an allegory of
Water in the Apartment of the Elements (the Medici apartments in the Palazzo Vecchio) in 1555.

(from the Palazzo Vecchio subsection, Apartment of the Elements page, in the Florence section)


Temple of Saturn 3783

The Temple of Saturn and remains of the Basilica Julia (left) as night falls over the Roman Forum.

(from the Forum subsection, Roman Forum page, in the Rome Scenic section)


Pieta St. Peter’s 7772

Originally created for the Chapel of Santa Petronilla in the ancient basilica, Michelangelo’s Pieta
was completed in 1499 when the sculptor was 24 years old. The Pieta is probably the world’s most
famous religious sculpture, and it is very likely one of the most recognizable sculptures of any kind.

(from the Churches subsection, St. Peter’s Interior page, in the Rome Scenic section)


Canal Scene Groenerei Medieval Towers 2366

Medieval towers of Bruges at Steenhouwersdijk, shot from the Meestraat bridge.

(from the Canal and Street Scenes page in the Bruges Scenic section)


Monument Valley Artist’s Point at Sunrise X1764

Sunrise in Monument Valley, overlooking Artist’s Point from just behind Spearhead Mesa.

(from the Indian Lands and Anasazi Sites Index in the Southwest Scenic section)


Indian Lands and Anasazi Sites XXXL

The full-size composite image is XXXL (9886 x 7300), 78 MB
The full-size composite is available in the Indian Lands Select gallery
Direct Link to the composite image: Indian Lands and Anasazi Sites XXXL

Top Left: Monument Valley: Three Sisters and Mitchell Mesa,
Mittens and Merrick Butte, Elephant Butte and Northern Buttes;

Bottom Left: Taos Pueblo: North House (Hlauuma) and North Adobe House;
Aztec Ruins West Ruin; Hovenweep National Monument: Hovenweep Castle

Top Right: Chaco Culture: Pueblo del Arroyo and
Chetro Ketl Chacoan Great Houses; Mesa Verde Cliff Palace

Bottom Right: Canyon de Chelly: Spider Rock, Junction Ruins,
and the Canyon View from Sliding House Overlook

(from the Indian Lands and Anasazi Sites Index in the Southwest Scenic section)


Bryce Canyon Dead Tree at Sunrise Point 5315

The view to the Northeast from the rim South of Sunrise Point in Winter.

(from the Utah subsection, Bryce Canyon Overview Index, in the Southwest Scenic section)


Yosemite Valley Wawona Tunnel Airshaft X2387

Late afternoon wide angle of Yosemite Valley in May, during a year with a very
high snowfall. Notice the exceptional amount of water flowing over Bridalveil Fall.

(from the Yosemite Select Overview page in the Yosemite National Park section)


Mirror Lake Mount Watkins X2170

The renowned reflection of Mount Watkins in Mirror Lake in the late afternoon in May,
during a year with an exceptional snowfall and the resulting flooding from melting snow.

(from the Yosemite Select Overview page in the Yosemite National Park section)


The Assorted Scenic section has five page sections on Wyoming Scenery of Yellowstone and
Grand Teton National Parks and Washington DC (with indexes), plus single pages on Brussels,
San Francisco and Northern California, Hawaii, Hollywood and Assorted LA, Scenic Potpourri,
and finally, two pages displaying some Los Angeles Architecture and Los Angeles Public Art.


The Art section houses a compilation of selected images from Florence and Rome and a page on the
British Museum from the Scenic section; a portfolio on the Getty Villa; an extensive compilation portfolio
on the Getty Museum; compilation portfolios on the Norton Simon Museum and LA County Museum of Art;
a two page compilation of Rodin sculptures from the Norton Simon and LACMA; and a detailed portfolio
on the interesting antique, classic and exotic cars displayed at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.