Images processed for exceptional clarity and detail at full-size output
are available via my Photoshelter site or by direct contact (see below).


Images are provided as Royalty-free digital files.

—— Prints and products are also available ——

Images on Photoshelter can be purchased by clicking the “Buy Image” link.
Payment can be made via Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal account.

Images are available in a number of different sizes:
(the original image size and resized versions)
500, 1000, 1500, 2500 and 4000 pixels.

Images can also be custom sized to fit your needs

Price List





Minimum Long Dimension






500 pixels



1000 pixels



1500 pixels


Large (LG)

2000 pixels


Very Large (VLG)

2500 pixels


Extra Large (XL)

3000 pixels


Super XL (SXL)

4000 pixels





— Larger Composite Sizes





4800 pixels



6500 pixels



9500 pixels



12000 pixels





Composite sizes are designated by area and number of images. The sizes shown above are guidelines, but in some cases where the composite is much wider than it is tall, the size may be designated in the next size category below the long dimension. In other cases where a composite has a large number of images or a greater area than the size range based on the long dimension, the composite will be designated the next size up.

For custom work (resizing of originals or composites to special sizes, etc.):


If you need an image that is on this website but is not on the Photoshelter site,
contact Ron Reznick (at the telephone number or email address shown above).
Your image will be prepared immediately in the size which will fit your needs.


Lion HS7167 LG
Click the image above for a 1632 x 2040
free sample of the image quality you can expect.

— The image will open in a second tab or window —
(images that you purchase do not have the watermark)


Prints and products can be ordered on the Photoshelter website.

If you are planning on using the image as a digital file for making your own prints, keep in mind the required print density for the media type (paper, canvas, etc.) and the intended viewing distance. All images are delivered as digital files at 72 dpi (dots per inch). The critical piece of information is the size of the image in pixels.

Print densities are based on dots per inch and are determined based upon the print media used and viewing distance. When ordering prints (or printing yourself), an image should be set to the dpi required based upon the following rules of thumb for print density (lower numbers in each range are for greater viewing distances):

Hard Glossy

240 to 300 dpi

Lustre (Textured Glossy)

210 to 240 dpi


180 to 210 dpi

Fine Art

150 to 180 dpi

Watercolor or Fine Detail Canvas

120 to 150 dpi

Low Detail Canvas (or long viewing distance)

100 to 120 dpi

As an example, you have an XL image at 3000 pixels wide that you want to print at 16” wide.

3000 pixels divided by 16 inches equals 187.5 dpi. You would use Matte media and would set the print size at 16” wide (or set the print density at 187.5  dpi). In Photoshop, menu select: Image, Image Size. Uncheck the box  labeled "Resample Image" and set either the width (the easiest way) or the DPI (make sure that the box labeled "Constrain Proportions" is checked). In this case you the set width to 16" and the DPI would automatically change to 187.5. The image is now ready to send to the printer.


Monument Valley Artist’s Point Sunrise X1764
click for 1500 x 940 preview version

This image is available in SXL (4288 x 2550) and other sizes.


Ron Reznick
636 E. Harvard Rd. unit B
Burbank, CA 91501  USA
tel.: (818) 843-8212